Individual Consultations

“You were born for a specific purpose, you just have to find it.”

‘One-on-one’ coaching sessions are available, where we will take on a 5-month journey, meeting up once a month – discovering different areas of your design. 

Some of the assessments will include topics such as discovering your:

  • Core values;
  • Personality type;
  • KNI Brain profile – thinking styles;
  • Talents, interests and passions;
  • Strengths (Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment)
  • Vision board art class – putting it all together

What is StrengthsFinder?

With Gallup’s Strengthsfinder assessment we identify your top 5 strengths and discuss how to maximise your strengths, in order for you to operate at your full potential and capacity in your day-to-day lives and what is the shadow side of these strengths?

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What others are saying


Rated 5 out of 5
1st Jul 2021

I partnered with Riana during a difficult period at work, when i found myself struggling to make sense of my purpose in the position i held…feeling i should find it elsewhere. God showed me to persevere and Riana, through her coaching, helped me to figure out how to persevere, what questions to ask and to stick with it. As i tend to overthink things a lot, Riana gently guided me through the coarse material, making sure i focus on the journey with God and what He has in stored for me where i am now.
Since then i have been greatly blessed in my current workspace and growing in my purpose as I steward my God-given talents.


Finally living out my passion everyday

Rated 5 out of 5
28th Jun 2021

I would definitely recommend Riana’s life coaching sessions. She is an excellent listener and the sessions helped me make sense of my divergent interests and passions. I had so much fun putting it on a vision board! I can truly say that I now live out my passions on a daily basis. I came to the realization that God made me in a unique way. I embraced my different passions and gifts and apart from my main career, I also pursue other opportunities on an ad hoc basis. Riana’s sessions helped me to “step out of the boat” and pursue my passions and dreams! Contact her today to get one step closer to living the significant life that we are created to live. You will definitely not be disappointed!

Kobus Conradie

Eye-opening, Empowering, Equipping

Rated 5 out of 5
27th Jun 2021

After having read Riana’s book I was awakened to the reality that the Lord has placed unique things in my heart and hands to serve a purpose in His kingdom – in my career, relationships, creative outlets, dreams, future hopes and every other aspect of my life. But where and how to start was the question. Walking this journey with Riana has equipped me with insights and tools to better understand how I am ‘wired’. She helped me discover and put together the bits and pieces of my personality, abilities, natural talents, spiritual gifts, interests and experiences, and how these aspects could work together to live the life that the Lord has called me to. A big ah-ha moment with her was realizing – just because I’m different doesn’t mean I’m bad (a lie a lot of young women believe).
The book (Designed to be) and consultation sessions with Riana has had such an immense impact that I have gained the courage to shift career paths and move into a vocation I was truly designed for.



Rated 5 out of 5
27th Jun 2021

For someone whose thoughts can become quite jumbled, this journey with Riana has helped provide a vocabulary to understand feelings and ways of thinking that I have. Giving words to explain myself better! Reminds me of the CS Lewis quote: “Child, to say the very thing you really mean, the whole of it, nothing more or less or other than what you really mean; that’s the whole art and joy of words.”
I’ve also appreciated how Riana makes the course material practical, how she is excited with you about your process and shares from her own experience. What a priviledge!


Eternal value

Rated 5 out of 5
27th Jun 2021

This journey helped me realise, again, what my passions and talents are. To appreciate that Father God designed me specifically in this way and that I can live a purpose-filled life with that set of characteristics. The coaching helped me focus on what I can contribute to this world and look outside the box that society puts you in. The content is of long term value and I am still utilizing (6 months later) all of Riana ‘s tools to put an eternal plan into motion that I pray brings glory to My Jesus.


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