Designed To Be

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Designed To Be

Do you struggle to love yourself? To find your purpose in life?

This book is for those who: no longer want to feel lethargic, restless and frustrated with their lives; want to live a life filled with purpose, significance and joy; are at a crossroad career-wise; perceive that there must be more to life but don’t know where to start looking; no longer want to be stuck in the same place for the rest of their lives.

“The truth is that much of what you need to fulfil your purpose is already placed inside of you, by God our creator.  You just need to discover it.” – Riana Goosen


Are you struggling to love yourself? Accept yourself?

Do you feel lethargic, restless and frustrated about where you are in life?
Are you searching for life’s meaning?
Do you struggle to find your purpose?

Designed to Be will help you to:

  • understand some key Biblical principles needed to find your life’s purpose;
  • discover your unique set of gifts in a practical way;
  • fit all the pieces together to find your sweet spot in God’s greater plan.

This book is for those who:

  • want to live a life filled with purpose, significance and joy;
  • perceive that there must be more to life but don’t know where to start looking;
  • no longer want to be stuck in the same place for the rest of their life.

23 reviews for Designed To Be

  1. Willem Uys

    🌍 DESIGNED to Be… by Author Riana Goosen
    READ it and be prepared 2 Be…
    And Rewarded…!!! Brave enough to take on some of life’s toughest questions and mysteries… this Book is a journey of Faith and finding Purpose in Life.
    Making a difference and operating from a place of Love, Rest and Inspiration!!
    Embracing Your unique design combination of Talents, Interests, Passions & Personality…
    YOU ARE… DESIGNED 2 Be!!! 📚

    🌍 Thank you Riana for taking the Time, Faith & Courage to write this book.
    I Believe many people will be Blessed by it, I know I have!
    The Seeds have been planted…
    The Seeds have been watered…
    The Roots have already started to grow…🌱
    … and Good Fruits will follow… 🍎🍊🍏🍇🍋 Take Heart, for this is only the Beginning of Something Great!!! ❤ Love Wins!!! YOU ARE… DESIGNED 2 Be!!! 📚

  2. D Nel

    This book came across my path at just the right time when I was going through the toughest season in my life thus far. Within the first few pages, I was already blessed by the fact that what I was reading, was confirmation of what the Lord has been talking to me about during that time.

    Definitely a book that one can go back to and reference again and again.

  3. Merle

    It was such a helpful, straight forward, clear and practical read! Encourages you to engage – I think it will be very encouraging and help many people to practically find their purpose!

  4. Shaneen Conradie

    I really enjoyed Designed to Be. The book guides you, in a very practical way, to get to get to know yourself so much better. It is a well written, easy to read book. The clear link to Biblical scripture provides substance to the book. The real life stories included in the book are also very inspiring!

  5. Bronwyn

    Riana has a wonderful way of making the complex accessible. She has incredibly accurate intuition and walks daily with integrity and reliance on God. Therefore I find her work trustworthy and inspiring. These are not just black letters on a white page. These are words that have been (and are being) lived.

  6. Mandisa

    Designed to Be is exactly what the title of the book says, we are designed to be by God for a greater purpose. I have not read any book that focuses on the entire human being and not just certain aspects of one’s life but the whole person. If you haven’t discovered your purpose I encourage to get yourself a copy of this book.

  7. Caroline Hirst

    Whether you are 16 or 60 (or more) this book is a fabulous tool. As I enter the latter part of my working life, I have found it very helpful, it has brought me back to the centre of who I really am and what I would like to do and be as I enter the final (?) phase of my career, something completely different from anything I have done so far. I wish this book had been around while I was still a student, or young working adult, I think I would have arrived at the conclusions I have now discovered a lot sooner and who knows, maybe it would have changed the trajectory of my working life. No matter, life is for living, your future is there to take a hold of and become who you were designed to be!

  8. Erika

    There should be no greater and more urgent pursuit than that of discovering and fully walking in one’s God given purpose. Riana has a deep personal revelation of this truth and captures the essence of how to achieve this beautifully in Designed to Be.
    This book will confront you with truths and questions you have probably never thought to ask yourself, yet at the same time give you peace in the journey of discovery. Besides, there’s no greater peace than that which comes from knowing your creator and the reason he created you.
    This book cannot leave you unchanged, take the journey!

  9. Nhlakanipho

    This book is so inspirational and see freeing at the same time .
    The responsibility of being who are truly has never been so fulfilling to figure and work out .This book has helped a lot of my friends walk in their destiny’s with confidence.

  10. HP Momsen

    Design2be is a must read for everyone, especially when you don’t feel you have a purpose in life or do you do not live to your full potential. Thus, I personally can testify with boldness that D2B activated me in what and how God want to use me on earth and specially in His will. I preferred D2B to many people, especially youth and young adults and it helped and guided them a-lot. Thank you Riana for your obedience to wrote such significant book which is really needed in specific times such as today. Enjoy the book!

  11. Evan Ross Engelbrecht

    What an amazing book, even better word would be journey. I have cried (first two pages), I have laughed at some of the silliness that I saw in my own life and then cried again. The revelations in my own life, because of this book, are unmeasurable. Love the interaction in the book, it feels like Riana is talking with you reminding you of the gifts God has already given me, you. Can’t wait to finish this journey and then do it again sometime down the line.
    You will not be disappointed in this book, the tasks or God. Love the book

  12. Tessa Laas

    The timing of this book could not have been more significant! It has made a great impact on my life (career and relationships) and helped usher in the freedom of knowing God had fashioned me with a unique personality, ability and talents, and He did this with PURPOSE. In an age of conformity and comparison, this book highlighted how I can only have a significant impact by following the Lord in the way He specifically designed for me.
    This book and consultation sessions with Riana has had such an immense impact that I have gained the courage to shift career paths and move into a vocation I was truly designed for.

  13. Waldette Engelbrecht

    Working through ‘Designed To Be’ was a life-changing journey and directly contributed to finding, confirming and pursuing my passion and purpose in life. I am a more driven, self-confident and content individual, realizing that I am specifically designed by Father God for a time such as this. Thank you Riana for bring this truth to the surface. This journey has eternal value.

  14. Nardus Koekemoer

    A wonderful book and a must read!!

    Designed to Be will take you on a journey of self-discovery guided by Godly truth, peeling the onion of who you REALLY are and how uniquely perfect you have been designed with a unique purpose.
    A year after doing the course, I still use this book during those moments when the world would have you think you aren’t valued or worth anything and reminding myself of who God thinks I am, strengthening me for another day.

    Thank you for a wonderful book Riana…looking forward to the next edition 🙂

  15. Marli

    God inserts a little of what breaks His heart into each of us. We can help alleviate this pain on earth with the unique abilities God entrusted to us when He designed us.

    With real life testimonies after each chapter, practical applications to narrow down your purpose and touching on important subjects such as sonship, worship and Lordship, this book is recommended to everyone in search of being all that God made you to be.

  16. Gretha Steenkamp

    This book addresses such a crucial topic for every human, and especially the younger generation.

    It firmly establishes that God loves us and has a plan with each of our lives. Knowing and discovering this allows us to live with a sense of purpose, and encourages us to accept (and even celebrate!!) ourselves and others.

  17. Elouise Kroon

    Riana takes you on a journey of God’s intricate plan and purpose for each of our lives. The book guides you through important aspects of intimacy and knowledge of the Father, Son and Spirit. She uses scripture, practical examples and other tools to make it an interactive experience which forces you to dig deeper, and to grow in your knowledge of who He made you to be.

  18. Nanine

    Such a great read for anyone – no matter whether you have a clue about your purpose or not! Practical, wonderfully contextual with inspiring testimonies to spark profound perspective. Also gifts you with a very helpful map to help you see where you are at on your journey of being, motivating you to take the next step in faith and put aside what might have been keeping you back! A must for anyone wondering how to grow or what to do next! Thank you, Riana for also living out the message – putting the ‘preach’ into solid practice in your own life.

  19. Roelande Greyling

    If you’re feeling a bit lost in life, in search of your purpose or how you were designed to make a difference right there where you are, “Designed to Be” is the perfect tool. A practical guide that will motivate, inspire, challenge and move you to fulfil what has already been placed inside of you by our Creator.

  20. Nanita vd Linde

    This book is such a practical hands-on guide to finding your God-given purpose. At the same time, it makes you grow closer to the Lord because of all the truths and people’s testimonies ministering to you. Great read!

  21. Blanchetta

    Such a truthful and practical read for anyone searching for purpose, understanding and sustained motivation in making a difference with what you were gifted with!

  22. Megan Fouche

    What a great book for self-reflection, inviting God into the mix. I highly recommend grabbing a copy when you need some help tackling very important personal issues.

  23. Jacquelyn Langhein

    Great book to read very informative insightful and inspiring. Definitely recommend it for anyone.

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