Corporate Teams

"For organisations, culture is destiny."

Designed to Be also assists companies in achieving great team dynamics, by performing individual employee personality assessments and discussing how these personalities help or hinder the team. 

By using an advance DISC diagnostic tool, we explore each team member’s unique personality and skills they bring to the team and how this affects the team dynamics and the overall success of the organisation.


The individual team member:
  • Improved personal and professional development and performance;
  • Gaining an understanding of fellow team members’ different personalities, strengths and struggles.
The company:
  • Discover, develop and manage their unique team design and dynamics;
  • Maximise the team’s potential by identifying and utilising an individuals’ strengths;
  • Managing conflict situations better, based on an individual’s personal profile and trigger points;
  • Increase team morale and motivation;
  • Identify strategic gaps in the team.

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